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3 Steps to Protect Your Leather Car Seats

Top tips to care for your leather car seats
Leather car seats add a classy, sophisticated look to any car. However, if you don’t take proper care of your Leather for Belt, you’re going to end up with ugly, cracked seats that are going to make your car feel embarrassed when you to take her out in public or give your friends a ride. If you love your car, please treat her (and her seats) right.
3 Steps to Protect Your Leather Car Seats
Unless you put an unusually high amount of stress on your car seats (exposure to extreme temps, sun, wear & tear, etc) then you should only have to take these 3 Steps once every three months or so to keep your leather car seats in pristine condition: 
Step 1: Vacuum Your Leather Car Seats
Vacuum all the lose dirt, dust and debris from you car seats. Use a vacuum attachment with soft bristles that helps get down in the cracks to loosen the dirt without scratching your seats.
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Step 2: Clean Your Leather Car Seats Using a Gentle Cleaner 
Leather needs to be cleaned before it can be conditioned. Clean your leather seats with a damp towel or a professional-grade leather cleaner. Just make sure NOT to use a harsh soap or a cheap leather cleaner that is made from petroleum solvents, glossing agents, or silicone oils since these products will actually damage your leather in the long run. 
Step 3: Condition Your Leather Car Seats
Using a high quality leather conditioner and applicator, condition your leather seats. If you go with the cheapest product on the shelf, be prepared to lose a lot more money than you think you’re saving when you have to replace your leather seats. Instead, choose a high quality water-based, pH-balanced conditioner.