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3 Tips to Keep Your Leather Wallet Looking Brand New

While some of the most luxurious accessories on the market, leather wallets are also easily worn. The amount of times a day you take your wallet out to pay a tab, before stuffing it back into your pants or purse can lead to serious damage in the long run. Luckily, no matter how worn your beautiful leather accessories may be, Modern Leather Goods offers the highest quality repair and leather restoration services in New York City to bring back their shine and luster!
If your leather wallet is in need of repair, the experienced NYC leather repair shop offers the most convenient services. With a wide variety of repair expertise, Modern Leather Goods provides unparalleled leather restoration services that will bring your favorite wallet back to its former glory.
If you can't make it to the leather repair shop in time, here are a few basic tips to care for your wallet at home:
Dry Your Leather Slowly: If your leather gets wet, leave it alone for a few hours to air dry. Using a hairdryer can change the chemical composition of the leather leaving it permanently wrinkled and dull.
Use Leather Dressing For Dry Leather: If your leather wallet does dry out, use the proper dressing cream to restore it. Leather can be treated with paint, wax, and a number of oils. Be sure to find a cream that complements your leather’s composition.
Don’t Stretch Your Leather: Avoid over stuffing your wallet. This causes the leather to stretch leaving it loose and baggy. Humidity and warm weather can also accelerate this process, so be sure to carry just what you need in your leather wallet.
Restore your favorite glitter leather fabric accessories with effective repair services from Modern Leather Goods. Treating everything from leather wallets to handbags and jackets, this NYC leather repair shop will return the durability and luster to all of your leather accessories. Contact a member of the customer service team today for more information on leather wallet and handbag repair services!
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