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4 Tips for Choosing Custom Car Leather Upholstery

Nothing says more about the importance and care you give your car than giving it some custom car leather upholstery. Not only can you brighten up a drab car interior, but you'll also be doing your guests a favor by soothing their tired eyes with some stylish designs.
With so many Custom Leather Labels Wholesale2 choices around, here are 4 tips to help you make up your mind.
1.Don't get “one-size-fits-all” upholstery. Even if the salesman convinces you otherwise, one-size-fits-all custom car leather looks ghastly on your car. Go and spend the extra bucks and choose a dealer that will tailor-fit the leather to your car seats. Your car will love you for it.
2.Do choose upholstery that will completely replace your car's seat covers. There is upholstery that simply slips over your seat covers—don't choose these! This upholstery will make your car seats look as if they were just a second thought. Good quality car upholstery snugly fits the seat and looks as if the manufacturer intentionally designed the seat covers that way.
3.Do choose to add suede if you can get away with it. Give your seat covers a sporty look by adding a flash of suede along the trim and edges. This works best if you're asking for tailored upholstery and not buying ready-to-use seat covers. That way, you can dictate exactly which parts you want to stylize. Be aware that suede is a bit costlier though but that's the price you pay for a fashionable look.
4.Don't forget the other surfaces. If you're getting custom car leather seat covers, you might as well match your steering wheel, dashboard and stick shift designs. Find a dealer that will offer a package deal for all of these. It's better to go for a unified look from the onset. That way you can visualize the complete effect from the beginning.
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