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4Tips for Wearing Belts With Any OutfitⅡ

Tip #5: Reconsider the "Belt with Purchase"
Garments sometimes come with a Leather for Belt as part of the purchase. But just because the belt comes with it doesn't mean you always have to wear it that way. It can also be fun to try other belts, to create more interesting looks. Since these pre-selected belts are usually of a similar color and fabric as the garment, replacing the belt with one of a different textile often creates a more sophisticated look. Adding a contrasting colored belt, or one more suitable to the wearer's body type, draws the eye directly to the waist and creates the illusion that the waist is both longer and thinner.
Tip #6: Construction is Key
When choosing a belt for your outfit, the construction of the belt is an important consideration, since the belt is often focal point of an outfit. In some situations a shiny blue belt might look great with a tan cardigan, while a shiny black snakeskin belt would be out of the question. For another example, only a brown belt might flatter a green pair of slacks, but that belt might work in a variety of styles, whether braided, flat or otherwise.
Belts are made of many different types of materials such as:
Snake or Alligator skin
Not only is the material of the belt an important consideration when accessorizing an outfit, but belts can also come with different embellishments. These can include the following:
Buckles or Clasps
Other considerations with regard to belt construction are things like braiding, and a gloss or patina, which can make a belt look very distinctive. Choosing a belt of a complementary material that features flattering accents can make an average look turn stunning.
Tip #7: Turn Old Into New
When adding a belt for a new look, don't be afraid to get creative. Is there an old scarf laying around that is never worn? Turn it into a belt by wrapping around it around the waist several times, or cut it to length and tie it off in a knot or bow. Men ' s ties can also be turned into belts that work with any outfit and come in several styles and patterns. Old purse straps or fabric pieces can be knotted up to create an interesting and unique fashion accessory. Have fun, and experiment with what is hanging around the closet.
Tip #8: Try Patterns
When wearing an outfit without much pattern or color variation, a patterned belt can really draw the eye. When putting together two solid colors, choose a complementary patterned belt that brings out the color of both garments in the belt's pattern. Popular patterns are stripes, flowers, or checks.
Buying Belts on eBay
Once the style, construction, and type of belt has been determined, a search can be performed to find the right belt. Belts can be bought in every department store, in clothing boutiques, and accessories shops. They can also be found at consignment or secondhand stores. They are also available by the hundreds or thousands from online retailers and auction sites like eBay. Many sellers from all over the world have new and used belts available on eBay. Belts can be found in the Women's Accessories section under Belts. When looking for something specific, a keyword search is the best way to find items quickly.
Searching for Belts on eBay
Use the search bar to search for specific items based on keywords. For a more refined search, you can use the Advanced Search feature to find items under different criteria, such as free shipping, or items that are for sale in your local area.
Be as specific as possible in a keyword search for best results. Type in exactly what you are looking for, whether it be "brown leather belts" or "gold snakeskin belts." You can also select from different options from the subcategories on the left side of the page to help narrow down listings even further.
There are many ways that belts can be worn with any outfit and color selection. Belts are an excellent way to add dimension, interest and style to old pieces, and are a great way to create new looks. When worn correctly, belts can flatter the figure without creating bulge. It may take some time and experimentation to find the best spot to wear a belt, and the sweet spot may change when wearing different styles of belts. Women who are not used to wearing a belts may feel odd or constricted at first, but over time this feeling should pass as the belt begins to feel more natural. No matter the type of body style or garments, there is a belt that can be worn to create a more flattering figure and sophisticated look. Such belts can be found for sale all over the world on eBay.