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5 Tips for Spotting a Fake Coach Wallet

1. Examine the Zipper
Coach uses YKK zippers. YKK is a Japanese zipper manufacturer that brands its zippers on the pull tag with the letters "YKK." A genuine Coach wallet displays YKK on the pull tag of the zipper. YKK makes the majority of the zippers used in the marketplace, so even if a Coach wallet has a YKK zipper, it still could be a fake. But certainly anything other than a YKK zipper indicates the wallet is not an authentic Coach item.
2. Pay Attention to the Seams
The "C's" on a Coach wallet should line up perfectly along the seams, particularly along the center seam. The fabric is like wallpaper. Panels of wallpaper should look seamless; otherwise, the pattern jars the eye. The fabric of a Coach wallet is similar. The "C's" should line up perfectly along the center seam for a flawless exterior. If the "C's" are "G's" or any other letter other than "C," the bag is definitely not authentic Coach. Coach wallets only use "C's" on their fabric, when the company uses letters at all.
3. Ask to See the Dust Bag
Although Coach bags can be difficult to identify because they come in many styles, the dust bags for Coach purses and wallets are the same for every product sold. A Coach dust bag should be a rich brown color with a red drawstring. The fabric should have some weight to it; any blatantly cheap material should raise a red flag to the potential buyer. The words, "Coach Est. 1941," should be in white in the bottom right corner of the dust bag.
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4. Look up the Serial Number
 Coach has put a guarantee seal in the lining of all authentic Coach bags produced after 1994. The bottom of the seal has the serial number. The numbers before the dash represent the manufacturing date. The second set of numbers is for the style of the bag. A Coach dealer or a Coach store can determine whether the serial number relates to an authentic bag or wallet.
5. Examine the Logo Tag
The logo tag varies depending on the style of bag. Coach logo tags may be wholesale leather hides or metal. Typically, if the logo tag is leather, the color matches the trim of the bag. The lettering on the tag says a lot about the origin of the bag. Coach has a raised logo, not one that is imprinted. An imprinted Coach logo on a leather tag indicates the wallet or bag is a fake. A logo tag may also be metal, but it is never plastic. A plastic logo tag is an indicator that the bag or wallet is not Coach.