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Alibaba Break 3 Trillion in Transactions


At 14:58:37 on on March 21, 2016 from the Alibaba Group, the fiscal year ending 10 days, real GMV Alibaba Chinese retail market in fiscal year 2016 (GMV) exceeded 3 trillion yuan, about to become The world's largest retail platform. The last time Ali with such precise time unit to a service node statistics, last year or so participants mania "double 11."

Working on the Alibaba Group CEO position soon Zhang Yong in Hangzhou, announced the news, but he looked calm, gentle tone, without any air of excitement. He in this milestone behind the numbers, thinking more of the non-GMV things.

According to Reporters statistics, 3 trillion means the average daily turnover of over 8.2 billion, according to real-time currency conversion into US dollars, is $ 463.9 billion. If Alibaba in 2015 the world GDP rankings, can squeeze into the identity of the first 27 of the list, and more than $ 412.7 billion in Thailand, and ranked 24-26 sequentially Belgium, Norway and Poland.

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The annual turnover also allow Alibaba and international retail giant Wal-Mart in 2015 GMV digital essentially flat, in the fiscal year ending March 31, it is likely to surpass the latter to become the world's largest retail trading platform. Wal-Mart took 54 years to achieve the 3 trillion annual turnover figures.

Focus to Ali, it reached a plateau at GMV 1 trillion yuan in 2012, about two years later, this figure reached 2 trillion, and then more than a year to reach 3 trillion today. From the point of view of time intervals, each 1 trillion to achieve growth objectives, which is decreasing with time.

In this regard, Zhang Yong 21 pm in an interview with reporters, said, thanks to factors on the macro and micro, the macro is in the business to embrace the Internet and change the way consumers shop, Alibaba in the past two years the microscopic upgrade the wireless side. He said 70% of the previous quarter turnover occurred in the mobile terminal, every quarter nearly 400 million consumers in the end consumer wireless Ali.

That calm demeanor Yong What thinking? In fact, Alibaba through the past 13 years (from birth Taobao calculated) accumulation reached 3 trillion figure, largely due to the last seven, eight years, China Power Suppliers demographic dividend contribution, as well as the recent two-year transition to the Internet trend of traditional businesses. But the marginal effect of the electricity supplier courier plus demographic dividend is down, consumer demand increasingly varied and personalized. What is the future needs to be done to make this growth be sustained?

This is no longer just a digital dimension, which relates to the structural adjustment. Zhang Yong on inside the company recently held a forum evening said that the future direction of Ali's two core retail platform is God, into the earth. Reporters from near Yong Ali insiders understand that the so-called "God" means Taobao wireless technology; and "into the earth" refers to the next line of business integration Lynx OCS.

"If you continue to focus on Taobao GMV, around the physical goods around the segment of the category strategy in the fight, and that later it will become increasingly difficult to compete with the B2C model, including the Lynx also." Yong said that in internal speech.

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In the wave of mobile Internet, online shopping behavior of consumers more occurred in the wireless terminal, PC era electricity supplier that shelf style free navigation consumers increasingly fragmented, under personalized browsing and demand was not very efficient, because place one layer and start navigation to find the product compared to consumers accustomed to program screen action, or in the content sharing to touch up the merchandise. Based on a large data recommendation, community shopping guide content consumption online shopping is becoming a trend in wireless technology transformation.

In the Chinese market, 3 trillion figure accounted for 10% of total retail sales in 2015, which is equivalent to up to 90% as well as commodity trading has nothing to do with the Internet in the past year. In Yong view, which is also under renovation Lynx line business, so that business entities where the transition to the Internet opportunity.

According to Ali's objectives, we plan to achieve GMV 6 trillion yuan (or $ 1 trillion) in 2020 fiscal year. In this process, Alibaba's path through the building logistics, finance, cloud computing and other business infrastructure, through Taobao wireless, Lynx transformation of commercial entities, accompanied by the development of rural Taobao and internationalization which wings to achieve.