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China's leather industry is facing challenges in transition three breakthrough

Affected by the economic environment, leather external demand remains in the doldrums, China's export-oriented leather business has been a great impact, slowing industry growth, the general decline in profits. To meet the challenges of the market environment, leather enterprises should speed up product upgrades, pay more attention to design and improve value-added products. China's leather industry face the challenge of constantly trying to upgrade and showed a positive attitude.

China's leather industry in order to meet the challenge, seeking to develop breakthrough must do the following three points.

First: the leather industry is running situation is not optimistic about the development of export-oriented leather industry encountered. As sales fall, profits fell much more serious than domestic enterprises. Thus, leather enterprises should speed up product upgrades, fully meet the individual needs of customers.

Second: As leather products through creative product design and price exchange impact, not only increased by 20% of the production efficiency, but also increase the export value of the product. Therefore, the leather industry should focus on improving the design of export value.

Third: greater pressure current, from a regional perspective, the domestic leather industry is facing the southeast coastal areas, while the mainland enterprises is relatively stable. From the enterprise point of view in the layout characteristics of the regional enterprise than the scattered pattern of anti-risk capacity. Therefore, the leather industry needs to be the main battleground regional brand to promote regional brand, to create the image of the cluster in the industrial base of resource aggregation effect and cost advantages to attract domestic and foreign high-quality list, create a unique competitive advantage.

According Champoux consultation "issued 2012--2016 China's leather products manufacturing market analysis and investment outlook report" shows: Currently Throughout the leather industry, the external market downturn, the more risk if dependent on exports, faces more large, and the opportunities and risks always concur. Leather industry to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, we believe that in the near future, China will surely become the leather industry brand consumer.