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Durability of the Briefcase

1 . Durability of the Briefcase
Look for these hallmarks of quality workmanship when buying a briefcase:
The stitching on the bag should be straight, even, small and without loose threads. Check the inner and outer surfaces for consistent stitching. Reinforced stitching provides protection for the vulnerable areas of the bag.
Metal zippers are better quality than plastic ones. Open and close the zipper several times to ensure a smooth closure. If shopping online, check for pictures that show the zipper both closed and open.
Examine the hinges on a hard-sided case. They should be sturdy and free of rust.
The handles should be securely fixed to the body of the briefcase with reinforced stitching or metal fixtures. Handles that are glued to exterior of the bag are likely to come loose after a period of rough use.
The edges of the case are the points where the wholesale leather hides is most likely peel or split.
2. Compartments (Flexibility Of Space)
Briefcases look deceptively compact and slim. The interiors are often designed with flexible and spacious compartments to store your laptop and other essentials.
The primary consideration for buying a briefcase should be what you need to carry in it. Put everything on a table and then work out what you need.
You should always have enough compartments within your briefcase to keep the contents as organized as possible, especially if you carry a lot of things.
If you’re traveling and have a rolling briefcase, it would be ideal to have a complete separate section for a few items of clothing. An essential feature for frequent travelers is a compartment that allows you to store items that you need quick access to, such as a flight boarding pass, wallet, keys or mobile phone.
3. The Color Of The Briefcase
The three most common colors on briefcases for men are brown, tan and black. Black and dark brown are best suited for a professional environment – they project a sense of power and authority.
Tan and lighter colors are better suited for casual purposes where the working atmosphere is relaxed and informal. Briefcases that have more than two different colors on the outside or a contrast colored stitching can be perceived as flamboyant. Avoid these unless your occupation permits such a stereotype.
Lighter tan – rich chestnut tan, camel tan, looks smart.
Darker tan (chocolate) – Suits, navy suit. Upmarket, corporate color. When in doubt for material, opt for dark brown leather.
Black leather – more formal – Suits. Most commonly purchased.
It’s not necessary that the color of the briefcase should match your belt and shoes. It’s okay to have a classic tan shoes and tan belt and dark chocolate bag.