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How to Maintain Faux Leather

Ⅰ Maintaining Polyurethane Leather
Soak a cloth or sponge in water and wipe down your surface. You’ll want to use warm water. Wiping this way will catch dust, dirt and other debris. Polyurethane is more easily cleaned than normal leather, and this is sufficient for daily care and lightly soiled surfaces.[1]
Use a bar of soap on tougher grime. Whether dealing with a stain or dirt that’s been rubbed in, simple water might not be sufficient. Use unscented soap to ensure no chemicals or possible residue will affect the wholesale pu leather. Rub the bar on the tougher grime.[2]
You can also use liquid soap or a dish detergent for this step.[3]
Wipe away any soap with a wet cloth. Wipe thoroughly until the surface is completely clear of soap. Leaving the soap on the surface could damage it.
Let the surface dry. If you’re cleaning an article of clothing, you can hang it to dry. If dealing with furniture, simply make sure no one sits on or touches it until it’s thoroughly dried.
You can wipe your surface down with a dry cloth to speed the drying process.[4]
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