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How to Sew Fleece Fabric

Fleece fabric is soft, warm, and perfect for many sewing projects. But since the texture of fleece is different than most fabrics, it requires special sewing techniques.
Different Equipment
To sew fleece, you will need to use stretch, universal, or ball point sewing needles. The thicker the fleece, the thicker the needle you will need. Since fleece can be tougher on needles than other fabrics, it’s best to start with a fresh needle each time you sew fleece. A walking-foot or a roller-foot can help in feeding the thick fleece fabric into the machine. Make sure to use 100% polyester thread as this won’t break when sewn into the glitter leather fabric.
Different Techniques
When sewing fleece, you should use longer stitches, either straight or zigzag. Do not use strong presser foot pressure as you feed the fleece while sewing. Remember to use a new needle each time you sew fleece to ensure that the dullness of a used needle doesn’t slow you down. If you have to sew on a curve, do this slowly so as not to stretch the fleece and make it bunch up or stretch out.
Fleece fabric keeps you warm and dry, but sewing it can be challenging. With these tips, you’re certain to succeed—in all weather conditions.