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How to Daily Maintenance LV, GUCCI and Other Luxury Bags(2)

3. Light or beige luxury bag physical properties

This type of cortical pores is open, so easy to absorb the outside of oil and water, these are the reasons for the color getting deeper and deeper. The pores in the leather is open, if infected with dirt becomes dark and dirty on the more difficult to eliminate. So maintenance is to shorten the time, in general, with the skin into light honey color is the most beautiful. This can be drying out, but to note that the best part of the other covered, otherwise the bag is easy to deformation, you can use a dust cover and the like.

Remember! Do not use the newspaper cover, the ink will be printed on the package, and can not handle! It is best to only cortical part of the sun, pay attention to turning, to save uneven. Sun's action is to accelerate oxidation discoloration. Sunburn followed by a clean white gloves, clean flannel dust cover is also possible, back and forth wipe test. Rubbing action is to speed up the pores closed. But be careful not to use any fade things rub! Will stick to the skin! In addition, when the leather or light rice white do not use leather oil or baby oil rub, but can not use waxy ingredients of leather maintenance products, this will cause the pores of the leather block, a long time after the cortex looks dry, or even Will crack. Remember, is definitely the talk of experience.


Do not do not clean bags, directly on the nursing oil. Such a layer of dirt will only block the bag in the cortex. Dirty faster, more difficult to take care of later. As we usually take care of their face, only to cover the powder, not to clean up, short-term can, long blocked beans on the matter. LV vernis series as the bright cortex is not "sealed" to live, it is easy to absorb the fade of other leather dyeing. Sunshine for a long time will change color, need special care. They can easily turn yellow or black, especially light-colored, can not touch the sun; can not touch the water, will become sticky; can not contact with ink things, will be printed on the bag; also can not let vernis bag friction Jeans; so that bags away from high-temperature objects such as heating and the like ... ... hot summer cars, oily items and cosmetics are such a bag of killers. So maintenance up a lot of trouble. And even if the bag did not sun to the sun, and sometimes the surface is yellow, perhaps because of the color of the dust bag.