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Introduction of The Related Knowledge about the Flame Retardant Properties of Super Fiber Leather


Super fiber leather in the flame retardant, the performance of artificial leather and similar to a higher level. For the leather material, can realize the fire heat is actually a very rare performance. Then, the flame retardant performance is how to achieve it? I believe many of my friends will be there we have the following questions. To solve this problem, to do a simple introduction.


Polyurethane microfiber leather surface itself is a flammable material, a flammable fabric manufacturing process using ultra fiber leather plus, plasticizer and other organic compounds, more easy to burn. So these flammable materials flame retardancy, must cut off the fuel, heat, oxygen and circulating combustion constitute the three elements, the mission to flame retardant to complete, and the flame retardant way correspondingly: vapor condensed phase flame retardant, flame retardant And the endothermic effect.


 Once the ultra fiber skin burning, flame retardant in the combustion process in the decomposition and absorption of a large amount of  heat, reduce the temperature of the burning region, and water vapor, and the dilution of oxygen concentration, thereby reducing the possibility of continuous ultra fiber combustion. The flame retardant is strong, but the problem is in play at the same time the flame  retardant also release the poison, causing pollution. So the flame retardant composition became a problem for scientists research. The "green" flame retardant is the trend, such as silicon flame retardant system, it is a kind of non halogen flame retardant, low smoke, low toxicity, and silicon resources are very rich, so this kind of flame retardant very promising. Similarly, boron, phosphorus flame retardants have their own remarkable advantage.


 The main principle is to introduce more microfiber leather flame retardant properties can be achieved, wishing to introduce these elements give you super-fiber leather has a better understanding of.