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Key to Happiness


YiGuan morning meeting share stories-keep happiness. A mature person holding the key to their own happiness, he does not expect others to make him happy, but to be able to bring joy and happiness to others.Each person has a heart the key to happiness, but we often unknowingly give it to someone else in charge.One woman complained: I live very happy, because Mr. Chang travel away from home. She put the keys in the hands of Mr. Happy.One mother said: my kids do not listen, call me very angry! She put the keys in the hands of small children.Men might say: the boss does not appreciate me, so I'm feeling down. This is the key to happiness has been stuffed in the hands of the boss. She said: I do not filial daughter, I really Bitter!

Young people from the stationer out for: the boss bad attitude, take me explode! These people have made the same decision is to allow others to control his mood.


When we allow others to control our emotions, we feel that they are victims of the current situation can not, complain and anger become our only choice.


We begin to blame others, and to convey a message: I am so painful, you cause you to be responsible for my pain!

At this time we put a great responsibility entrusted to the people around, which requires them to make us happy.

We seem to admit that they can not control themselves, only the poor mercy. Such people make others dislike close to or even look intimidating.

But a mature person holding their own key to happiness, he does not expect others to make him happy, but to be able to bring joy and happiness to others. His emotional stability, responsible for their own, and with him is a wonderful experience, rather than pressure.

Where your keys in the hands of others? Come back to it soon! The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference and unconcern.

This article I hope you can appreciate its Meaning.

In fact, where we live, whether it is the environment, people, and things are very easily affect our emotional ups and downs, but do not forget! ! Do not let the word of others, and care for too long Oh!