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Knowledge Presentation Microfiber Leather Flame Retardant Properties


Microfiber Leather achieve flame retardancy make it in performance compared to similar artificial leather has increased by one level. For the leather material is concerned, it is possible to achieve fire resistant is actually a very rare kind of performance. So, this flame retardant is how to achieve it? I believe many of my friends will be the presence of such doubts. Here we address this issue, do a brief introduction.


Microfiber PU leathersurface itself is a combustible material, Plus Ultra microfiber leather manufacturing process uses a lot of fabric flammability, plasticizers and other organic compounds, more burning. So these flammable materials to achieve retardant goal, we must cut off the fuel, the combustion cycle heat, and oxygen three elements of this mission will be accomplished to the flame, and the flame has a corresponding manner: gas flame , condensed phase flame and heat absorbing action.


Once microfiber leathercombustion, flame retardants broken down and absorbed in the combustion process of a lot of heat, reducing the temperature of the combustion zone, while if the water vapor, oxygen concentration and diluted, thereby reducing the possibility of microfiber sustain combustion. Flame retardants, while powerful, but the problem is it also releases the gas flame in play at the same time, causing pollution. Therefore, the flame retardant composition became research scientists have a difficult problem. The current "green" trend is flame retardant, for example, silicon-based flame retardant system, which is a non-halogen, low smoke, low toxicity flame retardants, and silicon resources are very rich, so the development of such flame retardants very future. Similarly, boron, phosphorus-based flame retardants also have their own compelling advantage.