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Leather Industry Should Take What the Road of Innovation

Today's society is extremely rapid rate of technological development, new products, new technologies. The word "innovation" seems to become extremely hot, leather industry naturally can not fall behind in the face of consumer leather goods increasing "appetite", integration and innovation, continuous improvement, a time of renewal, this is the right way leather industry . Before innovation, we have to clear a few leather question, what the consumer needs are? Where to start innovating?


Objectively speaking, the leather industry in terms of the production process to the finished product characteristics, there are many areas for improvement. Leatherette common quality problems are: pinholes, pits, cracks, shelling, seepage bottom line printed, highlights, printed cloth, and other pattern is unclear. Specifically analyze the reasons as follows: 1.with slurry process air into the compound. 2. The pigment uneven mixing. 3.Solution aqueous solution and is too large (water polyurethane foaming agent, thereby forming emblem stingy hold). 4. The release paper surface tension is less than the surface tension of the fabric funeral. 5. The release paper pattern darker lines or special like. These have caused a lot of drawbacks leather products. Leather imminent innovation, how innovation, where to start is the first big problem leather experts need to think about.


Improved innovation: to think can improve in many ways: by using the modified material, such as modified, improved fabric resin, improvement of other chemical raw materials; the two aspects of performance, such as improved strength, improved cold resistance, improved feel, improved technology include improved tools to improve, change in temperature, change of time device, pressure changes, thickness changes; permeability improvement, improvement of low-temperature resistance and the like. Each modifications and variations can produce a lot of new products, the products each have their own characteristics. If we put these changes are combined, then the product will be more endless variations.

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Combined innovation: Innovation First, leather and other industries with technology, materials, technology and equipment combined, can produce a series of new products, is likely to produce unexpected special effects, this year leather deep processing products have been specific verification. Can be combined with the artificial leather production industry there are many, many materials, processes, equipment, leather industry can learn to go.


Leather industry in innovation, can not be ignored as well as improvement of green areas. In line with the requirements of the ecological environment, health, environmental protection, high efficiency, the future prime labeling technology. Now the production of PU slurry is essentially solvent-based, part leather synthetic leather production venture will produce large amounts of organic solvent emissions generated in the process directly into the air, causing serious pollution of the atmosphere, the surrounding areas, especially by the leather factory greater impact. The good news is that many companies have installed a dry solvent recovery, solvent recovery for the production of organic emissions, an important step in leather synthetic leather industry to protect the environment. On the one hand, enterprises through the recovery part of the organic solvent, can reduce production costs; on the other hand, recovery also greatly reduces the emission of toxic organic gases, reducing the pollution of the environment, resulting in a lot of social benefits. Now there is a problem there is a great portion of the solvent can not recycle, recovery of recovery to be improved.