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Leather Knowledge(1)


Leatherette and synthetic leather difference:

Leatherette is a knitted fabric as base, surface coated with a layer of polymer composite materials.It is a non-woven synthetic leather substrate surface coated with a layer of polymer composite materials.Leather and leather both materials referred to as imitation leather.Identification of natural leather and imitation leather;

1. From the material aspect of the incision, the natural leather is a natural skin collagen fibers, leather and knitted fabric coating layer, a nonwoven fabric and leather coating layer.

2. From the smell of burning material identification:After the combustion of natural leather collagen smell, no other identification of major conventional leather


1. Cow leather: surface with fine pattern, feel good, deep pattern, with a finger in the back of the hard leather outer top surface pattern does not disappear (Other: buffalo surface roughness, yak skin surface is fine, soft)


2. Sheep leather: surface pattern is clear, the water was wavy pattern, tread depth than the shallow cow leather (sheep leather which addition to the above features, the soft, elastic, hand touch a bomb sexy and velvet feel).


3. Pig leather: surface roughness, large pores, the pores deep, three shaped product composed of a good elasticity, permeability (polished or embossed which would be better - more).