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artificial leather(leatherette):

Artificial leather is mainly on cotton, chemical fiber fabrics, such as the end of cloth, vinyl coated nylon, so that the surface has a structure similar to natural leather. Vinyl coating made of leather as compared with natural leather, there are many advantages, such as good durability, elastic, elastic, and not deformed, washable and stain resistance, etc., but the lack of air permeability and water absorption, the impact of wearing comfort. Leather nylon resin ratio of vinyl-coated leather has changed, adds a certain air permeability and moisture effects.

PU synthetic leather in recent years developed an artificial leather, currently more commonly used. The reason is that the polyurethane synthetic leather used for the surface layer has a cellular structure, made of polyester fiber non-woven fabric as base cloth, not only has good water resistance and abrasion resistance, and also enhance its water vapor sex, simulation results, and there are similar to animal leather fiber structure, combined, washable, easy to sew and easy to repair, cheap, and therefore become a widespread, commonly used products.

For the skin? Skin refers to a variety of unprocessed animal skin tanning.

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