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Leather clothing fabric trends

2013 Summer Highlights Fabric design patterns on through digital printing, scraping color Technicolor combined bleaching and washing process to obtain a large abstract floral motifs, vague printing, special wash fade, psychedelic and natural transition boundary, stains style patterns, flowing strokes, organizations such as printing effects.

From jackets, coats to sweaters, different styles of leopard print shine in the world on all major fashion week. From an environmental point of view, most designers choose not really fur, but artificial fur.

leather hides also imitate the complex process of textile decorative fabrics, such as jacquard, wallpaper or carpet tapestry of plant design, complex, ornate geometric patterns, exquisite architectural style pattern, arty patterns, etc., bring gorgeous visual sense. Light leather and artificial suede has a soft feel and plasticity, so easy molding, wrinkling and folding.

Directional Tufted leather upholstery and summer use ladder floats, ribbons and yarn volume of the composition. Black and white mixed yarn gives concrete the appearance of illusion. Extensive, large-scale striped cloth layered mottled texture reflected by soft, cotton yarn color, bold bright colors and alternating overprint to achieve simulation results.