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Leather knowledge-Artificial Fur

Artificial fur

Refers to the use of artificial fur woven, knitted or glued way, the fabric surface fluff formation of varying lengths, with natural fur close look and wearability.

Knitting is the use of artificial fur plush fur knitting machines in the organization, from the acrylic, polyvinyl chloride, or viscose fiber made yarn, fabric surface to form a layer structure similar to the guard hair and fluff. Its appearance is similar to the natural fur, and warmth, breathability and elasticity are good.

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Woven artificial fur is the use of two-layer structure by raising organization, the terry fabric surface after the formation of plush. Such artificial fur hair consolidation firm, plush and tidy, good elasticity, warmth and breathability can be similar with natural fur.

Volume is the use of artificial fur gluing method, in a variety of woven, Covered imitation kid curly yarn knitted fabric or non-woven base fabric, thereby forming a characteristic appearance of natural fur hairs. Its surface similar to a natural flower lock flower curved, plush soft, light texture, warmth and humidity and good ventilation, easy corrosion, washable and easy to dry, is widely used in various aspects.