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Lifestyle Suitability

1. Lifestyle Suitability
If you are in the habit of carrying a laptop, make sure there’s a compartment large enough for your laptop, with adequate padding.
Someone who regularly transports the same few items may prefer a hard case that doesn’t need to expand or contract to fit its contents.
Frequent travelers would benefit from a hard case – a practical option when stowing the bag in an overhead compartment. If you’re planning to travel often by air with your briefcase – consider a security checkpoint friendly compartment.
A lawyer or legal secretary would benefit from using a larger briefcase because their profession is famous for requiring reams of paper.
A flexible soft-sided case is probably a better choice for a professional with fluctuating work requirements.
A contemporary style – flapover briefcase is more casual, easier to use and weighs less than traditional briefcase. It is an ideal style for men who work in non-formal professions, such as the fashion industry, the media or public relations.
2. Appropriate Size & Weight of the Briefcase
Bigger is not better in the case of briefcases.
Unless your job requires it, you don’t want to lug around a heavy and big bag. It looks ridiculous when a short man is seen carrying a bag too big for his frame.
And it feels uncomfortable.
Depending on your situation, the following dimensions should  be ideal for a briefcase:
Width: of between 15 – 16.5 inches
Height: 11 – 13 inches
Depth: 4-6 inches
Depending on how much you need to carry in your bag, you can give or take a few inches.
Choose a briefcase that can be compressed if there is empty space inside.
3. The Cost Of The Leather Briefcase made by the china leather factory
Expect to pay top dollar for quality. You want nothing less when purchasing an item that should last decades.
An inexpensive briefcase may cost little up front, but it will need to be replaced sooner than a more expensive and durable version.
A good guideline is to buy the highest quality affordable.
A briefcase is essential equipment for anyone who regularly transports documents and other work necessities to and from the office.
It’s also a style statement, so finding the right briefcase is an important aspect of being well-dressed for climbing the professional ladder.