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Luxury Leather Goods Maintenance Tips

For high-end leather goods, we should recognize an indisputable fact that the high-end leather goods also need maintenance in order to make it always shiny. This is because the original natural leather oil itself will be accompanied by the increase in the number of times and the use of time to reduce, until the loss of the original luster. So leather also need careful care. In addition to regularly take care of professional nursing company, the following tips can also extend the life of the leather play a supporting role.

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For the best time to apply leather goods leather maintenance oil, first with a clean cotton dipped in the maintenance of oil, and then wipe the leather surface evenly. It is best not to apply oil on the leather and then wipe, because a large number of maintenance of leather oil will produce local damage. Special note is that leather should be based on different materials to choose the appropriate maintenance of oil, buy the best before the maintenance of oil to find out their leather goods, go buy. Apply oil before the oil should also be obvious where the local leather to be tested to determine whether the two are appropriate.

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If the phenomenon of leather wrinkles, you can use iron a little ironing, remember that the ironing temperature must be maintained at between 60-70 ℃, and when ironing with thin cotton cloth as lining lining, and to constantly move the iron , To avoid burn leather.

Leather in the collection before the first leather to clean. At the same time bag should be placed in a clean cotton or shredded paper as a filler, used to maintain the shape of the bag, and then put the bag in soft cotton bag. Remember to avoid squeezing the bag. In addition, as the leather goods storage lockers also need to ensure good ventilation.