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Maintaining Microsuede

Vacuum microsuede weekly to remove dust, lint, pet hair and dirt. Small particles can become embedded in the napped fabric, and cause premature wear and tear. Pay extra attention to seams, where dirt often gathers.[9]
Microsuede is created to mimic the nap, or raised surface, of natural suede. It is not waterproof like pvc leather supplier and must be treated carefully to maintain it.
Keep microsuede out of direct sunlight. microsuede dyes fade very easily. This is especially important for microsuede furniture and clothing.[10]
Mop up spills quickly with a lint-free cloth. Microsuede is water-resistant, so the sooner you can mop up liquid, the less likely it is to sink in and stain.[11] Make sure not to rub the spill, as it could settle in the surface. Dab at the spill with your cloth until the liquid is cleared.[12]
Spot-clean stains immediately with warm water and liquid dish soap. Dish detergents are formulated to remove grease and water-based stains. Wet a cloth with the solution and rub it on the stain until it comes out.[13]
Use as little water as possible when cleaning microsuede. The water can sink into the lining or pads after prolonged wetness.
Rinse the stain with water. Use a clean sponge, dipped in water, to rinse the stain.[14] After rising, blow dry on a cool setting to prevent a water-ring from forming.
Brush microsuede lightly with a nylon brush after cleaning. This should return the nap to the surface. You may need to clean microsuede with upholstering cleaner every few months, since it is prone to staining and damage from the elements.[15]
Clean microsuede with a professional upholstery cleaner regularly. You can find a spray on the Internet, supermarket or cleaning outlet[16]. Look for an indication that it is safe for microsuede before using.