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Martial Arts Hegemony Personal Experience

Martial arts tournament has a majority, the organizers in order to better motivate the morale of the soldiers carried out the outdoor expansion mobilization meeting, washed soldiers soul, inspire the soldiers potential. In this expansion, I have mixed feelings. Here is my experience:

The outdoor development training, give me deep feelings, so I benefited. Although only a short day, so I know the "team" really means, know what a team, what is communication, what is collaboration, know how unity and cooperation, encourage each other.


This is a shocking journey of the soul, the soul is all hone our mind has been sublimated. It makes us rediscover and experience the power of teamwork, but also stimulate our personal potential, it has been fully released, and enhance the courage and confidence to challenge themselves.

It tells us to break the traditional mindset, explore new ideas, lessons learned and success of failure in the work to establish a new mode of operation. At the same time we learned to communicate with each other, learn empathy. We try to make a new life, and teach each of us to learn to appreciate, learn tolerance, learn to return and learn to compromise, the whole team will forge ahead in unity is the most outstanding team.