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Martial Arts Hegemony Several Elements (1)

Although the training is over, but did not follow psychological shock elapsed; the time is short, but the harvest is really too much.

1, to expand training we have a better understanding, but also strengthened my confidence and the courage to keep going.

Originally, some of the expand only very superficial knowledge, "drudge", whether it is hot summer or cold winter, regardless of the bitter sweat or water, are rain or shine launched a series of activities in the field while most of exercise on the body. Recalling training challenges and tribulations, I personally feel the significance of the expansion of training, I make every effort to promote the work force. Expand training is not a simple exercise, but a culture, a spirit, a philosophy, a way of thinking, a test. Through experiential training, so that students not only highly participatory and interactive, honed personal will. Is the exercise and test our physical on, but also as an inspiration for our spiritual and washing.

2, "unity is strength" has been a very good interpretation of the day's training, a profound understanding of the strength of the team.

The first time the start of training on the design team name, slogan, antiphonal singing, it indicates that the process is inseparable from the collective wisdom and strength, in the training process of each project without the team support and encouragement. There is no perfect person, only perfect bodies. Limited, but unlimited collective strength and wisdom of the power of individuals. A bold leader led around the core leadership team, communicate with each other to complete the task in the process of thinking of the collision; encourage each other, to feel the warmth of the team; mutual trust and inspire every member of the collective sense of honor and enhancements each player's confidence. Thus, regardless of how the face of the future variables, just holding hands and moving toward a common goal will certainly be difficult to overcome.

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3, pain and happiness! Each project, behind each game are very educational and enlightening.

I believe that every training program is carefully planned and come, all for different objects and implementation. Finally, an indoor training program, the games and working, living, learning closely linked. Behind every game seemingly also implies a great educational value, let's get deeply appreciate Happy participation. People face growing up in all sorts of variables and unknown, will shoulder the burden of more and more responsibility will be growing, proper venting and reducing the burden will allow us to continue to go on the road ahead. Guess I'm out of a few, this game really made me get a lot of inspiration. In fact, between people, sometimes only need a gentle hug or a shallow smile can narrow the distance between us, the psychological boundaries between the two sides, to open their hearts to interact. We mean to be a face or shy to express it? Finally after some earnestness coach, everyone with a "thanks and gratitude" to embrace each other. I wanted to give someone else a "hug", while the others will also repay you a gentle hug and even more.----to be continued.