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Martial Arts Hegemony Several Elements (2)

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4, Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving parents, family, Thanksgiving company team, Thanksgiving friends, classmates. . . Thanksgiving all who helped you and the person who hurt you, always carries a grateful heart.

The second half, when in fact, the proliferation of thoughts, feelings most of the time. Day training course of memorable moments, touching moment my heart bit by bit. Thanks for parenting and cultivation for their pay without complaint and worked hard for us; thanks mate encouragement and help, guidance and care thanks coach, thanks for a company once so meaningful training. Thanks for all has been with us for you! ! !

When the coach asked whether we thought it come from? From the moment of landing wah parents pay without complaint, from kindergarten - Primary - Secondary - high school - college - university graduate to work, and in our day by day growing day by day while the parents grow old, the body is also a every day of the past no longer. . . Parents all the time for us to toil, worried about, but we treated these as a matter of course be accepted, including myself, had never heard of the parents said, "I love you." Eyes closed all the filial reflect on their own and do not grow as well as their own work, to tears of guilt. Finally, head shouting "Mom and Dad, I love you," "I promise." "I want to succeed," cries mind manipulation has been a baptism, "thanksgiving" word filled the entire training team. And this training to give us inspiration and experience is a permanent asset.

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5, mental and physical "exhaustion", truly appreciate the gap between themselves and others, define their future direction of efforts and improvements.

Training back really physically and mentally "exhausted." Why do you say that? Because the body up in the morning to my first feedback: aching muscles, very difficult to get up from bed. Usually lack of exercise, too little activity, body weak. Recalling the first two days of training, the heart of a long time to heal. Usually lack of exercise, did not seize the opportunity to exercise their abilities in different aspects; there is his personality dictates. However, these can be changed, as long as they want to change to go into action. Can the expansion of training in the use of true enlightenment learned to practical work and daily life to go, it will take a long time to hone. From that moment on, to determine the direction and goal of their own efforts in the coming period, the full use of various resources to improve themselves, to exercise their own. Bearing in mind the hearts of the coach's teachings and put into action, hot sinking heart, grateful heart always continue!