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Technological Innovation and Product Development Leatherette Synthetic Leather(2)


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Have the information and knowledge resources required to develop synthetic leather, specific and innovative ideas generally have the following aspects:


1.Market information, relevant industry technology, knowledge comprehensive analysis to determine how to migrate to the development of synthetic leather.


2. Change synthetic leather manufacturing equipment, in order to technological innovation. As in recent years to appear solvent-free synthetic leather rubbing profiling, screen printing, etc., that belong to this area;


3.Synthetic leather raw materials in order to change the technological innovation. This aspect is a major part of the development of synthetic leather, such as water resistance PU, solvent-free PU, TPU, etc., paints, coatings, textile, and even basic chemical synthesis of new materials, new technologies, some insight has been introduced into the synthetic leather industry, this innovation becomes very exciting. An information display, many coatings technology, natural leather surface treatment technology is gradually entering the synthetic leather industry. 

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4.Changing the original synthetic leather process, in order to innovation. As in recent years there impregnation containing coating, lamination and the like. Any combination of a process are likely to develop new products;


5.The use of extension capacity of the industry, the role of innovation in order to downstream markets and downstream industries. This requires strength synthetic leather industry, the reputation of large enterprises or enterprise alliance will be effective to operate. Future development of synthetic leather, this idea will increasingly be put into practice.

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