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The Classification of Leather


1, the water dyed leather: belong to leather hides, refers to cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer head skin bleaching and dyeing various colors, drum fell loose, and polishing processing of all kinds of soft leather.

 2, open edge bead leather: leather, also known as film, is throwing in half along the spine, and repair to the open side of the leather loose wrinkled bellies and limbs of the first layer of skin or part of the second floor, its surface bonding net various colors, metallic colors, fluorescent pearl, Symphony color or multi-color PVC film processing.

 3, patent leather: split leather with a blank colored spray chemical raw materials after calendering or matting made of leather.

 4, repair dough: first layer of skin is poor billet, polished surface, rub off the surface of the muscle scars and marks of blood, with a variety of color in the skin after spraying slurry, pressed into grain leather or glossy effect.


5, embossed leather: generally used to repair or open edge bead dough skin to suppress a variety of patterns or designs made. For example, imitation crocodile, lizards, ostrich skin pattern, python sticks, water ripples, beautiful bark pattern, embossed, imitation deer and other patterns, as well as a variety of stripes, plaid, or reflect the three-dimensional pattern of various brands image creative patterns and so on.

6, printed or branded flower leather: leather embossed with the choice of materials the same, but different processing, printing or hot baked various patterns or patterns of the first layer or the second layer of skin.

7, matte leather: leather surface is polished, and the grain abrasion scars or rough fibers, exposing neat leather fibrous tissue were run after dyed a variety of popular colors from the first layer or the second layer of skin material.

8, Suede: also known as suede, leather billet surface is polished into a velvet-like, and then dyed a first layer made of a variety of popular colors.

9, laser skin: also known as laser peel, laser technology cited the latest varieties of leather leather surface is etched in a variety of patterns.