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The Global Polyurethane Industry Development Report


In recent years, the World Polyurethane Industry Although with the ups and downs of the global economy fluctuate, but has maintained a relatively good development trend. It is expected that with the expansion of scientific and technological advances and new applications, as an automotive, footwear, household appliances, construction, furniture, textile, pharmaceutical and many other industries closely related to people's lives, the polyurethane industry's development will people bring more convenient and comfortable life. While the Chinese market has great potential, after absorbing the technology and scale means the world level, it will become the power source of the world's polyurethane industry.

Polyurethane (abbreviated TPU) is a polyisocyanate and a polyether polyol or polyester polyols and / or polyols and small molecules, such as water or polyamine polymer chain extenders or crosslinking raw materials. By changing the type and composition of raw materials, we can dramatically change the shape and properties of the product, from soft to hard to get the final product. Polyurethane products form soft, semi-rigid and rigid foams, elastomers, paints, adhesives, sealants, synthetic leather coating resins, elastomeric fibers, widely used in automobile manufacturing, refrigerator manufacturing, transportation, civil engineering construction, footwear, synthetic leather, textile, machinery, petrochemical, mining machinery, aerospace, medical, agriculture and many other fields.

Polyurethane foams are widely used at present. Soft foam is mainly used for furniture and vehicles of various mat materials, insulation materials; rigid foam insulation is mainly used for household appliances, housing wall waterproofing spray foam insulation, pipe insulation materials, building panels, refrigerated trucks and cold storage insulation and other materials; semi-rigid foam used in automotive instrument panels, steering wheel and so on. The market has a variety of uses foam combination of materials (two-component premix), mainly for the (cold cure) high resilience foams, semi-rigid foams, rigid foams and other cast and spray.

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Polyurethane elastomers may have a higher elasticity and strength in a wide range of hardness, excellent wear resistance, oil resistance, fatigue resistance and vibration resistance, with the "wear-resistant rubber," he said. Polyurethane elastomer in the production of polyurethane products is small, but the polyurethane elastomer has excellent overall performance, has been widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, automobiles, mineral processing, water conservancy, textile, printing, medical, sports, food processing, construction and other industrial sectors .

TPU polyurethane, TPU skin is a polyurethane skin ingredients. Clothing manufacturers are now widely used such material produces clothing, leather clothing .TPU commonly known is the abbreviation of the English ploy urethane, polyurethane chemistry Chinese name is also its quality is good or bad, a good bag use more imported TPU skin.

The global polyurethane market is mainly concentrated in North America, Western Europe, Asia (Japan, Korea) and China, accounting for about 85% of the global total. North America and Western Europe accounted for consumption of total global consumption of about 40%, Asia accounted for about 45%, of which China accounted for about 40% of global consumption. The global polyurethane industry is still in the development stage in North America and Western Europe polyurethane market has been basically mature in the next slow market growth, while emerging markets such as China, Eastern Europe and the Middle East and Africa will be the future of the world consumption of polyurethane fastest growing region.