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The Quality Of Leather Used

1. The Quality Of Leather Used
Buy a briefcase made from high quality glitter leather.
Quality leather improves with age – the briefcase should look fantastic even after a decade of use. Over time, leather changes color and develops an attractive patina.
A top quality leather briefcase looks sleek and professional. Genuine leather is durable, flexible, attractive and has a typical smell associated with rugged masculinity.
Full-grain leather makes the most durable briefcases.
Top-grain leather is an affordable and excellent alternative to full-grain leather.
For a more water-permeable and thinner leather, choose split-grain leather. It won’t last as long as higher-quality versions.
The origins of the leather used to make the briefcase often determines the quality. The finest quality leather is sourced from Italy, France, England and America.
2. The Materials Used In The Construction Of The Briefcase
The hardware materials used for the briefcase affect not only the price but its durability and appearance.
The locks, handle, shoulder strap fittings, zippers, buckles and metallic rings take the most abuse on a daily basis and are likely to wear out the quickest.
Check that the materials are of good quality. In store – this is a simple task of turning the bag and studying the details. If you are purchasing the briefcase online – zoom in to the product pictures and observe the quality of the fittings.
These spare parts are quite expensive. Price is a good indication of quality.
Good quality leather fixtures are strong – a manufacturer who uses quality materials is going to price their products higher.
3. Choosing the Right Briefcase – Attache, Soft-Sided Or Hard-Sided Briefcases?
Is the style and formality of the briefcase appropriate for your lifestyle?
What’s your occupation? An attorney or accountant – then an attache case of luxurious leather briefcase would be ideal. Traveling often for business? A rolling briefcase would be the obvious choice.
A casual or formal messenger type leather briefcase is perfectly suitable for multiple situations. Though they’re not typically classed as a briefcase, you can get away with carrying one into a casual work environment or on holiday.
The most distinctive difference between styles is between hard-sided cases and soft-sided versions. The prevailing style may change from time to time, but both versions are appropriate for the office and widely available.
Hard-Sided Briefcases – feature a lightweight, rigid frame made of sturdy cardboard, plastic, or aluminum. It rests on its side and features a handle but no shoulder straps. They have dividers and folders to keep items inside the case neat.
Attache Cases – The attache case is similar to a briefcase, but its smaller size and slimmer profile makes it more compact and formal than a traditional briefcase. The interiors are simpler, with fewer pockets and folders.
Soft-Sided Briefcases – Any case with no framing at the top of the bag is considered a soft-sided briefcase. These cases open from the top so that documents and laptops can be stored and retrieved while the case is vertical. These cases often come with both a handle and a detachable shoulder strap.When its load is lighter, it collapses into a flatter package that’s easier to store. Although some soft-sided cases feature locks, the materials from which these cases are made are vulnerable to determined attempts to get at the contents of the bag.