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Winter Leather Care: Save Your Shoes

When it comes to the trouble with leather shoes and snow, this combo is just about as bad as it gets! So, what should you do? Having been in the business of revitalizing leather since 1944, the folks at Modern Leather Goods in NYC know that salt, snow and water are your shoes’ worst enemies. But have no fear, as these specialists can tackle a wide variety of shoe repair and leather repair issues. 
By employing their style-saving tips, you're shoes will fare much better this winter:
Conditioning: Call it polish, conditioner, or mink oil, but whichever you choose, just use it! While you’ll definitely want to leave your suede at home during winter, your leather may have to face some challenges. Namely, salt not only coats your shoes in a layer of slime, but will damage your leather by drying it out. To avoid costly shoe repairs, get all your wholesale leather hides conditioned in a layer of mink oil at least 12 hours before you plan to tread into the winter zone.
Saddle up: If you have to go out into the cold and you didn’t get your leathers conditioned with mink oil, what should you do? After you return home, remove large salt particles with a brush or paper towel, then wait for them to dry and brush down boots with a mixture of water and vinegar. Then, with a cloth, employ some elbow grease and apply saddle soap. Saddle soap is a very mild conditioning soap that helps clean leather with a simple rubbing.
Heat: After you have been in the snow, don’t put your leather shoes or boots next to a heater. The winter is already dry enough, and you don't want to increase the risk of dry and cracked leather. In fact, for some of the winter months, many people will even place a humidifier next to their closet. When you want to dry out wet shoes, stuff them with newspapers, and leave them to dry in a mild-temperature area.
Heel or no-heel: When you’re heading out into a winter-scape, choose the shoes with the biggest tread; and, if conditions are icy, put safety first and leave your heels at home.
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