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Yi Guan Celebration of Ten Years

Decade journey, ten years harvest, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the company, we sincerely wish the company all the staff: blossom, booming!

Decade rough weather, heritage spanning ten years, ten years to join hands achievements of Guangzhou Yi Guan(Heart Sun) Leather Co., Ltd. today. Path of growth is inseparable from the close cooperation decade, for those who have a successful business, nothing. They face several decades or even centuries of history of the development of enterprises, in the past decade, just a short moment. However, for our company, but it is a history of entrepreneurship is full of opportunities and challenges, hard work and dedication. Our achievements today is that all buyers factory support of the results is the result of the majority of suppliers and sincere cooperation of the long-term good governance, as well as all of us all the new and old employees dedication and hard work results.

As the saying goes, "ten trees, takes a hundred years", after decades of development, the company from a single domestic business and only a few employees of the enterprise, the development of foreign trade leather market is now in possession of a certain amount of trading companies, and in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, also achieved a certain market. The company management has become systematic and scientific. It can be said in the past decade, the company in the dark bush struggling to move forward, now officially the crack of dawn, the dawn of the lofty and gratifying period.


Since its establishment, our company always adhere to the "safety and quality, the customer is still to" actively promote product  quality, image and credibility. He has been at the forefront of new technology to create and develop the fight for customers bring more profits.

Not less than ten years, to seek only a short step from; ten years is not long, stability and innovation is the fundamental enterprise development. Born on this for hundreds of years the best of times, we Yi Guan(Heart Sun) staff will Remember mind founded a decade ago when, adhering to our excellent corporate culture and objectives, Yi Guan(Heart sun) no fancy words, only "words, that It is the "common development."

Honor carries the past, intended to open up the future. Over the past decade, just a comma, in the days after the Yi Guan(Heart Sun) All employees must exercise due diligence for the grand blueprint Yi Guan Ming-day add a color, plus an ink. We must do better, to make progress, the company will live up to our trust and expectations. "Wide sea diving, sky high the birds to fly," We believe that based on our strengths, innovative ideas, build quality, all services will be even more.

Today is our common birthday, we all belong to the event, Yi Guan pulse will jump out of the strongest notes. After ten years I believe there will be more  cooperative partner meet a witness of Yi Guan takeoff and dreams! I wish you, I hope we stood and dreams come true!