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Spring and Autumn Period Jin has a named Li Li from the prison officials, he was in adjudicating a case, due deference to one side of the subsidiary, resulting in a person killed unjustly. After the truth, Lee ready to die from sin, Gong said: officials have high or low, there is the severity of the penalty Moreover, this case mainly wrong in following the staff, but not your sins. From Lee said: "I usually do not have with the following people that we work together when the officer's salary did not get to share with the following people now make a mistake, if the blame following the staff who I was. how to do it. " He refused to listen to persuade Gong, Committing suicide and died.


Sentiment: laughs at himself first, do in advance. Managers must lead by example in order to manage subordinates. Demonstration of power is amazing. Not only did the courage to take off for Lee as their ancestors under the responsibility, but also to everything first, strict demands on their own, so that "Do unto others, do not impose on others." Once set an example and establish the prestige of employees will be unity, greatly improving the overall combat effectiveness of the team. Popular who in the world, under the admirable leadership will make management more effective.