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Yi Guan Leather Company Morning Meeting Share Stories一 "buy oil"

Former temple in the mountains, there is a young monk was asked to buy cooking oil. Before leaving, the temple cook gave him a large bowl, and sternly warned: You must be careful, we have recently financial situation is not ideal, you absolutely can not put the oil spill.

Down to the city after the monk promised to cook a specified store to buy oil. In the mountains on the way back to the temple, he thought the chef ferocious expressions and serious warning, Grew more and more feel nervous. Monk carefully holding bowl filled with oil, step by step down the road, did not dare to look right and left.

Unfortunately, he was approaching the temple mouth, because there is no way forward look, a result of stepped hole. Although there is no wrestling, but a third of the oil was spilled. Monk very upset and nervous hand began to tremble, unable to bowl steadied. Finally returned to the temple, the bowl of oil on the left half.

When the chef got oil loading bowl, of course, very angry, he pointed monk cursed:You fool! I'm not saying you have to be careful? Why is so much waste oil, really mad at me!

Sorry to hear that the young monk, began to cry. Another old monk heard, they came to ask how it is. After you know, he went to appease the chef's mood, and confided to the young monk said: I send another once you go to buy oil. This time I want you on the way back, you see the police to see more people and things, and I do need to talk to a report.

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Novices want shirk this task, he stressed that he will end oil well, impossible both ends of the oil, but also to look at the scenery, to make a report.

However, under the old monk insists he only barely hit the road. On the way back, in fact, the young monk was found on the mountain scenery is really beautiful. Look far obtained magnificent mountains, farmers have cultivated on terraces. Go soon, and look to a group of small children playing in the open side of the road a lot of fun, but there are two old man playing chess. So go look at the scenery of the situation, unwittingly returned to the temple. When the young monk oil to cook, found a bowl of oil filled full, there is no loss at all.

Thoughts: Actually, we want to live happier, can also adopt the recommendations of the old monk. Their daily care about their achievements and material interests, as every effort in school, work, or life, to enjoy every experience in the process, grow and learn.

Know how to find a real joy in life from the life experience of the people, I will not feel that their life is full of stress and anxiety.