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Cheap, high utilization of the product polyurethane synthetic leather products, has been shown to gradually replace the natural leather shoes to become the main fabric of the situation, especially in the face with the help of sports shoes, PU synthetic leather have been widely used. With modern high-tech development, the current production of PU leather microfiber synthetic leather in particular in terms of product quality, variety, or yields have been rapid growth, its performance is closer to natural leather, some aspects of performance especially the physical and mechanical properties, such as resistance to breaking strength tear strength • peel strength anti-abrasion strength sewing strength • cold • anti-aging anti-fatigue performance, even more than the natural leather. To better meet the requirements of sports shoes.

Synthetic leather shoes in use, the main requirements of good physical and mechanical properties, aesthetics, comfort, hygienic, to be able to protect people affected by the foot and upper seams sandwich gasket protruding corners abrasions. You must have a water absorption, which can absorb foot sweat discharged, and then distribute the moisture adjacent to the upper layer and the surrounding medium, i.e. air permeability and water permeability. And when added advanced shoe production in the slurry antimicrobial drugs, and some may even have an aromatic odor, ensure permeable synthetic leather shoes with anti-Khan antimicrobial absorbent • wear smelly feet of work, so as to have with real leather comfort.