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Artificial leather, or American leather cloth, was developed from calico and linseed oil, mixed with a dryer or pigment, and pressed into a smooth, leather-like surface. The man-made material is wonderful for upholstery as it can be manufactured in large quantities.
Koskin, a Swedish word for "cow's skin," is another faux leather that looks and feels like real leather. It is commonly used for consumer goods such as CD wallets and laptop cases.

Leatherette is a natural or synthetic fabric base covered with a plastic or soft PVC layer. While it is easy to care for (it doesn't fade or crack), leatherette isn't porous . That means it doesn't breathe, so your skin won't either. If this material is used for clothing or car seats, you'll sweat. It's most often used for bound books and actually was used quite often in the construction of 20th century cameras.
The most commonly used and easily found faux leather is called Pleather. The word is actually a combination of the words 'leather' and 'plastic.'