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Artificial Leather How to Clean the Shoes

Every man has more than a pair of fur shoes. So how does the artificial leather shoes clean up? This is the most thorough version of what I see in one place and hope to help.


Turn the fur shoes dirty, if the dry rub is rubbed off. Can be scrubbed with a damp cloth, scrubbed after the dry and ventilated dry place. When the skin is dry and dry when dry, and then brush with a thin brush dipped in some of the light, gently brush on the upper, the upper hair will be fluffy up. After continuous blowing, the hair will be able to restore the status quo.


Here to introduce the specific maintenance methods, you can try:


Material: brushes, shoe support, cleansers, refiners, sponges, hygiene balls.

artifical leather



1. Ash. (Available vacuum cleaner) (it is recommended to use the old bath towel, even dare to try.)


2. first with the shoe support up. (Wooden shoe can be changed with the shoe shape)


3. With a special brush. Note that the copper surface is mainly treated with heavier stains and polished parts. First with a rubber face in one direction brush, side seam with the side. Stains at the heavy circle kneading, and then rubbed with copper wire.


4. wipe with a wet sponge again, the upper wet. The purpose is to mainly deal with water-soluble substances.


5. Shake the detergent on the surface. With the rubber brush back and forth repeatedly brush to remove the stains on both sides of the fiber, dirty foam with tidal sponge dry.


6. dry ten minutes, so dry hair, and some wet with a rubber face in a direction to brush, so that the hair spread, finishing.


7. dry for half an hour, and so on after the shoes dry shoes to protect the newspaper, from the shoe 15 cm uniform spray on the agent. The renewal agent contains a light agent, a colloid (adhesion to other substances), a pigment, a solvent (soluble substance), and the like. The purpose of spray regeneration agent is mainly complementary color. Black shoes and so on for a long time easy to understand, it is best to use the nature of the agent.


8. After drying with a rubber brush along the brush again, so that the same color.


9. Finally put the desiccant collection.