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Can Indian Manufacturing Replace Chinese Manufacturing

India has many competitive advantages in the development of manufacturing, such as relatively advanced technology, a huge domestic market and abundant labor supply. China leather factory faced huge challenge.Deloitte's Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index shows that India's manufacturing competitiveness ranks fourth in the world, is expected to be second only to China in 2018, ranking second in the world. Although the index is still controversial, but from the perspective of changes in global industrial division of labor, "Indian manufacturing" there is a big space for development.

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"Made in India" has a typical "late-onset advantage" feature. Can be in the existing resources on the basis of the advantages of international advanced technology, to achieve "leapfrog" development. Especially in some high-tech areas, the private economy accounted for the main Indian innovation in economic development more flexibility. In addition, in the high-end technology, due to the implementation of the so-called Western democracy in India, Europe and the United States and other developed countries on India's technology export policy more relaxed.

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The Indian government's lack of a strong economic mobilization capacity similar to the Chinese government, "Indian manufacturing" will ultimately depend on the smooth development of market forces. Relative to the "Made in China", "Indian manufacturing" is still weak. The future In some low-end areas and specific industries, China in the international market will be to some extent by the "Indian manufacturing" impact, but this competition is also a dislocation of competition. On the one hand, China's high-end manufacturing industry is growing rapidly; on the other hand, "Made in China" in many areas have been recognized before the international market in India, under the same technical conditions, India get or squeeze more international market share Greater cost.