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5 Tips: How to care for leather clothing

1. If a leather garment gets wet, hang it to dry, away from heat. Putting it in a dryer or near a heating vent could cause it to shrink and lose its shape.

2. If you get a stain on a garment, don’t try to remove it yourself unless a leather-cleaning professional has advised you to. “The danger is you start removing the color and then it’s harder than ever to get out and restore,”Orlin says, noting it doesn’t matter if the piece is bright yellow, blue or a natural-looking brown. “We usually tell people who call us that we’d like to see the garment first and tell them what the alternatives are.”

3. Store leather garments on padded hangers and cover with a plain bed sheet or cloth garment bag. Avoid plastic bags, as they don’t allow the garment to “breathe,”and can promote mold and mildew. Store in a dark, dry place. Sunlight will cause fading.

4. Avoid letting a leather garment touch your skin in areas where it’s likely to come in contact with oils from your body and hair. Similarly, don’t let perfume or hairspray get on your leather apparel. They are hard to remove and the process of removing them can take color out of the clothing. “Wear a scarf,”Orlin recommends.

5. Clean leather regularly. What about those who never clean their leather jackets, believing they improve with age? “It’s sort of like not cleaning your sheets,”Orlin says. “Believe me, they get dirty.”

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