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Clean Leather Sofa 6 Small Coup

1. On the stains, a variety of color leather sofa, especially the light color of the leather surface, use a little longer will be stained with stains. Can be diluted with detergent and the like, with a towel dipped and soaked wipe the leather surface, and then use the glass bottle of "safe bleach" towel dipped to wipe the dirt, and finally soaked with water towel Sofa surface wipe clean.


2. First use the gauze dipped in warm water to wipe the surface of the leather sofa, and then use the supermarket can buy leather scrub, protect the agent to wipe, remember not too much force. In addition, the inner surface of the banana peel also has a protective effect on the surface of the cortical material. The price is low and it is worth a try.


3. If the child naughty, the stationery ink in the leather above, is a very troublesome thing. At this time how to clean the leather sofa should be wiped with ink eraser as soon as possible, but if the grease or dirt, then need to first use soap and water scrub, and then scrub clean water. You can also try to wipe the dirty leather sofa with egg white.


4. If it is relatively heavy dirt, detergent and milk what is no effect, you can try more soft alkaline substances, such as alkali surface. In the supermarket to buy a bag of edible alkali surface, with a soft brush dipped in water scrub, the texture of the aged dirt can be cleared, scrubbing immediately, but remember to clean a place should immediately clean with water and then clean.


5. If it is a cortical sofa above the stained with beer, soda, coffee and other substances, you can use soapy water for cleaning, and then washed with water.


6. There are some synthetic leather imitation leather sofa in the damp will produce miracle, so how to clean the leather sofa? General synthetic leather imitation of the mold, are due to leather at the bottom of the fiber damp, coupled with the accumulation of surface dirt. The longer the time, the stronger the combination of fiber and mildew. To deal with this mildew, first with the old toothbrush dipped in a high degree of white wine, wipe the place with mildew. And then wipe with a cloth, so that wine and moldy volatile. If this method is invalid, ammonia can be diluted with water 20 times, with a towel is not easy to erase the mildew, and other volatile dry, the clean.