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Concept Artificial Leather

For a long time, people on several concepts of artificial leather development arising in the course, vague, specious. For a clearer understanding of artificial tanning, are several commonly used as a concept to explain. Currently, the world definition of leather and synthetic leather is not entirely unified. China's general use of "Encyclopedia of China" definition of leather and synthetic leather. Leather is a kind of look and feel similar to leather and place of its use of plastic products. Usually fabric as substrate, coated with plastic to add a variety of synthetic resin additive blend made with leather.

pvc artificial leather for decorative

Synthetic leather is natural leather simulation of composition and structure and as a substitute material for plastic products. Typically, the impregnated non-woven fabric mesh layer, microporous layer as a pu grain layer, its positive and negative and leather are very similar, and has a certain permeability. Therefore, closer to natural leather than ordinary leather, widely used in footwear, boots, bags and balls and the like. In recent years, people used once mentioned synthetic leather, often refers to the polyurethane synthetic leather.

Currently the industry is not accurate and unified naming, but customarily referred to as artificial leather and synthetic leather artificial leather (referred to as artificial leather). For non-natural leather named yet discussed, we need to be unified and standardized to give it a more appropriate name.

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