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Currently microfiber synthetic leather product development which focus direction


In September this year, Shanghai China International Leather Fair is over, but this exhibition reveals the depth of information they affect the development of the industry. It is understood that most people reflect new feature is the largest exhibition in large numbers. Microfiber as one of the key, there are at least four directions is a hot development direction. Now we make the following summary:

1, simulated leather Microfiber

Microfiber from the beginning of the birth leather shoulder all aspects of the performance of alternative mission! This year the show, we can already see some microfiber and other company's products in terms of appearance and feel, almost no different from the dermis, even professionals need quite careful to identify whether or Microfiber Leather ! This technical feature is a polyurethane resin with ultra imitation leather effect by the indefinite island microfiber, also including fixed island microfiber polyurethane resin with ultra suede effect.


2, high resilience Microfiber

With the increase applied to microfiber leather luggage bags in, the customer resilience Microfiber high demand, so the development of high-rebound microfiber become one of the hot spots.

3, dyeing properties Microfiber Improvement

Microfiber dyeing industry has been plagued by microfiber, color migration, color fastness and other issues still can not get a perfect solution, many manufacturers are progressing through the innovative equipment, raw materials, innovation, technology innovation to improve the dyeing properties of microfiber products, but also increase super brightness fiber products.

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4, solvent-free microfiber leather

Solvent-free synthetic leather products this year is undoubtedly the most discussed products, solvent-free synthetic leather and microfiber with them both, will undoubtedly become the top product design on the market.