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Designer handbags are all the rage right now

Designer handbags are all the rage right now, with the styles changing quickly from season to season. They're sold for astronomical prices -- who can afford to stay current with the cutting edge carryalls?

A friend of mine recently told me about a trend in which high-end clutches and bags are actually rented from week to week! Luckily for those with a passion for fashion, faux leather has made a big comeback. That means that staying current with trends can be  absolutely affordable.
While real leather lasts for decades, it has a hefty price tag, and can be difficult to clean and maintain.

Faux leather, costs about a third of true leather. It comes in a wider variety of colors and sheens, it's more versatile, and it's easier for cleaning and care. The fact that it's animal-friendly has appeal, too. The category of faux leather encompasses a variety of fabrics including artificial leather, Koskin, leatherette, and pleather.