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Development Trend of Artificial Leather

With the rapid development of national economy and people's living standards have greatly improved, no longer satisfied with the original low-end products, artificial tanning industry has put forward higher requirements, the development of better performing artificial leather has become an inevitable trend.

High-performance , differentiated , high value-added artificial leather has become the future trend of development. Artificial leather from the expansion of the amount of transfer to pay attention to profitability , " high-value " strategy , centered on a wet leather, tilt " sports shoe and leather clothing " and other areas of advanced products.

Therefore, in order to remain invincible in the case of an increasingly competitive market , we must continue to explore the polyurethane synthetic leather production technology , nanotechnology , stain -static technology , flame retardant and smoke suppression technology , anti-bacterial deodorant technology and soft synthetic leather finishing techniques applied to other high-tech synthetic leather production, develop high-quality and high value-added products and services.

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