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Elements of a Leather Jacket

We’ll get in to individual styles and traditional cuts in just a minute here. First it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the bits and pieces that make up a style, so that you can understand why a simple change in the height of the collar and the angle of the pockets can make the difference between a sleek business jacket and a rugged working man’s coat.
1. Length
The first thing to think about is always the length from top to bottom. The longer the coat is the more practical it is as a weatherproofing garment, which is why trench coats and dusters are deeply associated with men who work outside. Wearing one of those from your car to your office is a little pretentious.
Most leather jackets are just that – jackets, rather than coats. The bottom hem falls right around the waist. A higher, snugger hem is more stylish, while a hem that falls past the belt with a bit of looseness at the hips is a more rugged and outdoorsy look.
It’s oversimplifying a bit, but as a general rule of thumb for stylish jackets, your belt should be visible when you zip your jacket up. If you’re out working with cattle or timber, something longer is fine.
2. Collar
The shape and size of the collar says a lot about a leather jacket manufactured by china leather factory.
Short, tight collars that don’t turn down are associated with fashion and with motorcycles and race cars. They give the most sleek and streamlined look.
A short, soft collar that can either be turned down or popped up to frame the chin is a casual style associated with military surplus and street wear. That bit of floppiness says “rugged casual.” It’s typical on jackets with a looser cut.
Full turn-down collars are typical on rancher’s jackets, dusters, trenchcoats, and other long leather jackets and coats. The best ones will be designed to flip up and button closed in the rain. They’re also a defining characteristic of bomber jackets, which are shorter but, because of their aviation history, also meant to be practical, weatherproofing garments.


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