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Faux Leather vs. Genuine Leather

When it comes to quality, luxury, comfort and warmth, many people feel there is nothing quite like genuine leather furniture. Faux leather, vinyl, imitation or synthetic leather has greatly improved over the past few decades in terms of its realistic look, feel and performance. Of course there are however, pros & cons for both options. Lets compare!
At Greenhouse Fabrics we offer fantastic quality faux leather that may outlast low quality genuine leather! There are many great benefits to upholstering with synthetic leather such as affordability, durability, and cleanability. Faux leather tends to be much more economical than genuine leather and is typically stain resistant. It has light and cold resistant properties that add to the fantastic performance qualities of faux leather. Because it is a synthetic material, faux leather can be produced in a vast array of colors, textures and grains.
Although genuine leather tends to be more expensive than faux, real leather is a natural product that offers a one of a kind look. No two hides are the same; each piece exuding a luxurious custom feel. Genuine leather has a wonderful aroma unlike any other and a soft buttery hand. Over time your leather furniture will wear in becoming more comfortable and developing the coveted patina that comes only with age. Greenhouse Fabrics offers a wide variety of beautiful Belt Leather Supplies in a multitude of colors and grains, including embossed, metallic, and hair on hides.