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Glitter edge paint - glitter effect for leather edge

It can be used in coloring of leather edge in bags,Belt Leather Supplies, and leather goods. It can be applied either by hand or by machine, and after the application supports all processes classics such as sanding, brushing, etc..
The glitter leather paint is supplied with the maximum concentration and present a quite high viscosity. For an easy and quick application (especially for machine application) on the leather edge we recommend to add some water to the glitter leather paint without exceed the limit of 10% of the total volume. This limit is fixed to avoid the loosing of technical performance in according with the stresses mechanical test results.
Already after the first applications of the product you may experience a high level of coating, even on different types of leather bounded with each other, rapidly reaching the effect of “rounded” on the leather edges.
As final coat we suggest to apply the Protecting Gloss, that give the most brilliance to your leather edge combined with an high protection to the atmosphere agent and UV ray. The physical tests has confirmed a good resistance to mechanical stress, and high resistance to UV, preventing color changes even after prolonged exposure.
For any further information or advice on the application and employment of the glitter leather paint for leather edge please contact our technicians, they are always available for help you in find the best solution to all your leather edge paint needs.


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