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How Blind Buy Scissors


Asimov was a Russian-American, the world-famous science writer. He had talked about such a story about himself: Asimov grew very clever, at a young age has participated in "IQ test", scoring a total of about 160, are "highly talented" list. Once he met a car mechanic, he was his old acquaintance. Repairman to Asimov said: "! Hey, Dr. I give you a test of intelligence, out of a thinking questions, see if you can answer correctly."

Asimov nodded in agreement. Questions began repairman, said: "There is a deaf, wanted to buy a few nails, came to the hardware store, saleswoman made such a gesture: left index finger standing on the counter, right fist struck to make the way. salesman seeing this, give him brought a hammer, deaf and shook his head. so the salesman to understand, he wanted to buy the nails, deaf bought nails, just out of the store, then came a blind. the blind to buy a pair of scissors, I ask:? blind will do.

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Asimov unhesitatingly replied: "Blind certainly so -" He held out his index and middle fingers, make the shape of scissors. After listening to Asimov's answer, auto mechanic laughed: "Ha ha, got it wrong it blind to buy scissors, opening only need to say 'I bought scissors' on the line, why should he gestured ah!?"

Story philosophy

We always used with a conventional fixed way of thinking about the problem, over many years, in accordance with an established pattern of working life, thereby forming a mindset. So, we may encounter problems from another angle, to break the pattern, so as to obtain a breakthrough and innovation.

Studies have shown that: The most critical factor of success is about a man thinking, rather than differences in IQ, business operations, too, is the thinking and attitudes of successful control of the core code.