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How to Clean the Practical Use of Artificial Leather Tips(1)

Artificial leather is a look, feel like leather and can replace its practical plastic products. The application of artificial leather is very broad, man-made clothes, bags, shoes, sofas more and more, then they should be how dirty cleaning and maintenance? What is the stress of artificial leather cleaning? How can the artificial leather be washed without damage to the leather?

First, how to clean artificial leather

1. Can only hand wash, can not use hot water bubbles, and the water temperature can not exceed 40 degrees, because the hot water will make the bottom fabric fiber damage.

2. Cleaning agent should pay attention to. It is best not to use water directly to the market to buy special cleaning artificial leather clothes cleaning cleaning agent, or can be soft cloth dipped in soapy water wiping, and then wash with warm water. Remember not to use gasoline Oh.

3. After washing in a cool ventilated to dry, must not be exposed. After drying, should be placed in a cool place, do not fold, can not pressure on heavy objects, can not touch an organic solvent.

4. If the artificial leather contaminated with grease, wet cloth can be used to clean transparent soap, leather is not afraid of water is absolutely clean!

5. On the maintenance of artificial leather. Artificial leather clothing or bags do not rub with the hard rough objects, collision, so as not to damage the surface coating. Synthetic leather coating thinner, can not be baked near the stove or heater to prevent roasted bad leather, do not contaminate the acid and other corrosive chemicals.

Artificial leather cleaning and maintenance is much easier than the natural leather, pay attention to the above five points to avoid damage to the artificial leather.



Second, pu artificial leather cleaning method

1. Water and detergent cleaning, avoid gasoline scrub

2. Can not dry clean

3. Can only be washed, and the water temperature can not exceed 40 degrees

4. Can not use sun exposure

5. Can not touch some organic solvents

6.Pu artificial leather jacket need to hang bagging collection, can not be folded