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How To Correct Cleaning Leather(2)

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Hand washing is basically leather jacket oil directly to buy oil, glazing, this method does not like to make the same face, not only can not completely remove the dirt, and will destroy the leather surface coating layer, the residual stain in each species of fungi, bacteria penetrate the inner layer of the cortex, the erosion of collagen fibers, making the leather hard, deformed and does not assume a normal luster. Lining the dirt simply can not be cleaned, disinfected, less than thorough cleaning and maintenance purposes.


Dry cleaning machine: refers to the clothes in the dry-cleaning machine with a way of organic solvent washing. The advantage is not only to clean leather dirt, but dirt clean lining and efficient than manual cleaning. PCE oily stain removal force is strong. Dry-cleaning washing machine technology will be skimmed, pulp crack, fade and other phenomena, in particular cleaning suede and nubuck leather, doubled leather, fur clothing dual most prone to problems, or wash without a net, or finishes off, it is difficult to leather fully recovered.


Whether manual cleaning or dry-cleaning machine, there should then be fully clean color. Especially for cuffs, etc. The bottom of the sleeve especially dirty parts should be focusing on, how much washing can be washed off, and then through the paint to cover, in particular, light-colored leather.




Third, how to clean leather - choose professional cleaning shop


Leather cleaning and maintenance industry because of the current quality of service varies greatly, some leather cleaning shop for cleaning without any charge, directly with a sponge coated with a thick layer of slurry to be covered, it will not only reach the minimum of cleaning effect, but it will also make the original leather breathable, soft comfort lost. However, some maintenance shops to reduce costs, without the use of green cleaning and maintenance materials, and other inferior materials instead of using lead after the cleaning and maintenance of leather by hand board hard, astringent, colored flowers appear, split pulp, split face, face off and other issues, even potential harm to human health. Be sure to keep their eyes open when cleaning leather, you should try to select those larger stores, better facilities and environment with relevant qualifications cleaning shop, and should not be freeloaders random to some irregular small maintenance shop to clean leather. Once leather cleaning quality problems, should go to CASE complaints or leather authoritative testing organizations to be identified in order to effectively safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.