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How to Daily Maintenance LV, GUCCI and Other Luxury Bags(1)

how to maintenance of the daily necessities of small bags, you need some tools and master some methods:

1. white cotton gloves

2. eraser (the sudden emergence of the relatively shallow dirt can be dealt with immediately)

3. do not fade the ordinary waste stockings (for the beginning to clean up the skin of floating dust or dirt is not too dirty Very good)

4 soft brush (you can use the bristle brush soft brush, shoe brush can also be, mainly soft, can not be too hard, or will damage the cortical toothbrush can also see the area you need to clean up

5 Cotton swabs (very useful for handling small areas of dirt, especially where the logo or zipper is engraved, and can be used to clean up the sturdy old flowers or brush the canvas on the canvas). The card inside the gray are clear out).


Old flower series usually maintenance

Back, will come into contact with the part of the dermis, so the summer wear faded coat is not on the anticline bag, otherwise the color of the clothes will be contaminated on the bag. Such as: 1. Gemini shoulder bag, close to the side of the middle part of the leather is very easy to dye blue jeans, if dyed, it is best to immediately use the above mentioned eraser immediately wipe treatment. 2. hand bag, try to keep your hands clean, or as far as possible on the arm. The hand sweating, the dirt is the most vulnerable to hand absorption and the most difficult to handle. So it is best to control from the root. Usually wiping the package when the white cotton gloves on it. When not in use dust bag received good, if the special tide of the region, the best buy moisture absorption agent into the bag. The handle is the most easy to change color, when not in use, clean, use plastic bags or plastic wrap wrap up and then into the dust bag, a long time without bags, but also occasionally out of the bag to ventilate the air.